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What’s a FlashNote?

FlashNotes are personalized messages you can send to a happner, even before you get a Crush. They’re your best ally to make sure you get noticed by that special someone.


With FlashNotes, you can react to specific content on the person’s profile (photo, description, crossing location). It’s a good way to send an original message that will help to break the ice. Lacking inspiration? No problem: you can also send a FlashNote without a message. The person you contact will still be notified and know you’re interested.


When you receive a FlashNote, you have two possibilities:

  • If you accept, it’s a Crush! You can immediately reply to their message and start a conversation.
  • If you refuse, you will no longer cross paths with that happner. Rest assured, this action remains private.


To send a FlashNote, simply tap on the yellow icon at the bottom right of the screen (see below):