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How do I stay safe dating?

After exchanging a few messages with your Crush, you have decided to meet them. Congratulations! Here are a few basic principles to take into account:
- If your Crush does not look like their pictures at all, they probably are not who they say they are. Feel free to leave if that is the case.
- Do not get in your Crush’s car on the 1st date; Go straight to the location where you are supposed to meet up (e.g : bar, park, etc.).
- Make sure the 1st date happens at a public place.
- Do not give your personal address when you meet someone for the 1st time.
- Try not to drink alcohol in excess; do not take any kind of drugs. Always keep an eye on your glass too.
- If your Crush starts acting suspiciously, make an excuse and leave.
- Finally, even though it is best to be cautious, try not to be on the defensive either! It is very unlikely that your Crush has bad intentions -so smile, relax and enjoy your 1st date.