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I signed up for happn using Facebook, but now I’d only like to use my phone number, Google account or Apple ID to log in. Is that possible?

Yes, simply click the “Use my phone number” button when you sign in instead of clicking “Connect with Facebook”. happn will be able to find your account and link it to your phone number.
You can also choose to connect using Apple ID if you have an iPhone.
Make sure to use the same first name and date of birth that you used on Facebook. Otherwise, this will not work.

When you log in the next time, you can reuse your phone number, your Google account or Apple ID and you’ll never have to use your Facebook account again if you don’t want to.

For more information on registration or logging in using your phone number, you can read “How can I sign up using my phone number?” in the “First steps” section > “Register / Login”.


For more information on registration and logging in using Apple, follow this link: