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My phone number has changed, how can I recover my account?

Don’t worry you haven’t lost your account!


If the number you enter to recover your account is not the one you gave initially, we will send you a code to check whether the number you have just entered is yours.



Then we will ask you to provide us again with your name and date of birth. Please note that it is of the utmost importance that you enter the same name and date of birth as those you typed in when you signed up, so we can make sure you are the owner of the account we have found. If the information you have given us is correct, we should be able to find your account; your phone number will be updated and you will recover your account and your Crushes!


Please note that we only use your phone number to check your identity; we will not send you advertisements.


Note: we will not be able to recover your account if you have got a new number and phone at the same time.