How can I sign in using my phone number?

The “Use my phone number” button allows happners to use their mobile phone numbers instead of Facebook in order to sign in to happn.

You must specify your phone number for us to send you a code. You will then be required to send the code for us to check that you are the owner of this phone line.

After that, you will have to specify your real name (not a pseudonym) as well as your date of birth (so we can check you are not a minor) and your gender preferences. You will also be asked to enter your email address as an extra way to identify you but you will not have to give it to us. Moreover, it is compulsory that you add a picture so you can access your Timeline.


Signing in step by step:

1. Select “Use my phone number”.



2. Enter your mobile phone number.



3. You will receive a confirmation code.



4. Enter your name.



5. Enter your date of birth.



6. Enter your email address.



7. Enter your gender and search preferences.



8. Add a picture.




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